As you know I was so nervous in taking the step to contact you. Having been recently widowed I feel so out of my depth as to what to do as I would love some companionship back in my life. Thank you for listening and for your emails which were so understanding. I am so impressed that you did not try to hard sell me your service. I've thought this through and feel that it probably isn't the right direction for me at the moment. But bless you for the care and attention you've shown, and when I am ready I will definitely be in touch.  

- Female age 63


 Just to say thank you. From having not dated in over a year , I have met four lovely genuine guys since I joined Soirée Society. I reckon the fourth is 'a keeper'. We are now going out for over three months, and he has introduced me to his parents and we head on a city break to Barcelona for my birthday. I have no hesitation in recommending your service.  

- SA, female age 37

  I can highly recommend the professionalism of Soirée Society and have very much enjoyed and indeed grown since I began my journey with them. I have learnt so much about myself and grown in confidence as well as made my relationships more of a priority in my life. Everyone single should experience a matchmade date once in their life! 

- MS, female age 41

  Having been recently widowed, reentering the dating scene was very difficult for me. I found the written guidelines you sent with the contact details were excellent and the first date went really well and we are meeting up again next weekend.!  

- PG male age 59

 I know it's unusual to praise a business who didn't want to take my money but it was wonderful chatting to you last Friday. I am very impressed with your probity & excellent values , morals, ethics & principles. I think that you are totally correct in not taking me on as a customer. I do hope that your business continues to be successful..  

- PK, male age 57

 Soirée has made me feel like a recycled teenager again heading out on their first date! For the first time in ages I'm investing money in me and away to get made up and put the glad rags on to go out to dinner  

- HM, female age 58 year

  Just ringing to tell you we were away for Valentine's weekend and we were saying that we both have had the best Christmas and Valentine's Day ever. Where did you find her? She is a gem and I am so grateful to you.  

- GO, male age 52

  I was the typical old grumpy man - divorced and lonely and sitting in every weekend paying a fortune for sky tv and complaining there is nothing on the telly. Then my friend told me about something he had read about a new matchmaking company so I contacted them. To cut a long story short, I have been out on three dates, and whilst I haven't found love and romance yet, it sure has put a spring in my step and I bought aftershave for the first time in years!  

- GM, male age 55

 Just to update you. Had one of the best first dates ever!! N is a great person, very chatty and bubbly and just my type. We are meeting up for the third time this weekend. Thanks so much for the introduction.  

- KC, male age 41


What I love about this is that you confirm everyone’s ages and take it into account when matching but don’t disclose ages over 60. That suits me so well as you have met me and know that I am really young for my age as I don’t want to be judged on my biological age. Now just find me that man that is also young for his age!


AR, female age 67



I first spoke to you 2 years ago and didn’t join as I thought 'I am a man and I can find a partner on my own’. Well it didn’t happen and here I am within a month of joining and going on my second date with the lovely lady you matched me with. I regret not doing this sooner.


NK, male age 64



Thank you both for the wedding present. For all of those guys out there that thought online dating was great fun, let these ladies refine your dating skills.


JL, male age 39 (now married)



Media Coverage



As a unique and refreshingly different service, Soirée Society have been creating quite a buzz in local media.  

Claire was recently a guest on BBC Radio Ulster Talkback, BBC Ulster Sunday Sequence, Belfast 89FM and Downtown Radio.

BAM Magazine December 2016 - The Award Winning Match Making Business 

Ulster Newsletter December 2016

Belfast Live December 2016

Belfast Telegraph 28th Dec 2016



  Many congratulations on your success at the UK dating awards. It is so well deserved as your business is so professional. Yourself and Rhoda made me feel very much at ease when we first met to discuss membership. I didn't know what I was letting myself in for but I am so glad that I joined. I have referred a number of my friends as I am really happy with the matches and the quality of the girls I have met. It has increased my confidence a lot. Many thanks.  

- KK  male age 39


  Hello ladies, I am just emailing to let you know I wish to avail of the three month suspension of my membership. A..... and I are now an item and we want to see how things develop. I remember at the time asking to just be a pool member for £100. When you explained the difference between passive membership and active membership I decided to go for the proactive bronze membership ( 2 introductions) for £495. My friends though I was mad! Me and my mates were all on online dating at the time boasting of our numerous dates that we could get any night of the week, but in reality they were actually ruining my confidence as none of them progressed to second dates. I have really enjoyed meeting the two ladies you introduced me too..the first one went to three dates and we have remained friends. The second one I am still with, and we are getting on like a house on fire! Best money I have ever spent! Thanks so much. (Meanwhile my mates are pretending they are still happy being lonely!)  

- CG, male age 35

  I've loved this experience and I keep open to the possibility that a lovely match is just one date away.!  

- SM, female age 41 

  I am so impressed with your service. I have got so used to online dating and meeting up with females who turn out to be nothing like their photos or profiles. This lady is even nicer than I expected. You definitely get what you pay for! – because I’m worth it!!  

- EM, male age 50

 Just thought I’d drop you a line to wish you a Happy New Year and continued success with Soirée Society. I just read the write-up in the Belfast Telegraph. I can confirm how good you are at Matchmaking. We are still going strong since you introduced us in September 2015. He really is one of the life’s good guys. Thanks again for the introduction.  

- MJ, female

  I was the stereotypical accountant, too interested in numbers and not ladies figures and time and marriage passed me by. People have told me to go onto online dating sites but I don't want the world to know my business and see my photograph plastered over dating sites. I hope to retire soon and would like someone to share time with and possibly travel. The confidentiality and professionalism of Soirée Society has persuaded me to join.  

- WC, male age 56, Director.

Thanks so much Claire. The way you dealt with my application and the care you took to find the right matches for me was fantastic and I'm seriously impressed with the dates I've had so far. New friends made and who knows what lies ahead!"  

- TY male age 38

"Soirée has helped restore my confidence in dating. I was very badly hurt following what I thought was a loving relationship from an online dating site only to discover 18 months later that he was married with a family. I felt such a fool and it destroyed my self- confidence and esteem. I cannot tell you how good it was to talk in confidence about this to someone who empathised and made me realise I was worthy of so much more. I initially came on as a pool client and have had some good introductions but now want them to search specifically for me so I am joining up as a paying client – because I’m worth it!!"  

- LC, female age 43

Just to let you know we are getting on great and I'm delighted. It's so refreshing to meet someone who has the same values and outlook in life and conversation just flows. Thanks so much for the introduction, looking forward to seeing what unfolds without any pressure and getting to know each other properly."  

- HN, female age 42


"It has certainly been an experience and I have gained confidence and learnt a lot about myself through the process. I thought long and hard about this and the conclusion is that I will never meet anyone any other way as no-one is going to come knocking on my door and I am not the type to go to into pubs or to do online dating. Again congratulations for running such a discrete and private business that makes customers feel comfortable and safe with."

BS, female age 64



"It has certainly been an experience and I have gained confidence and learnt a lot about myself through the process. I thought long and hard about this and the conclusion is that I will never meet anyone any other way as no-one is going to come knocking on my door and I am not the type to go to into pubs or to do online dating. Again congratulations for running such a discrete and private business that makes customers feel comfortable and safe with."


BS, female age 64 


"Hi Claire. Just thought I would give you an update. It’s a year today since we met for our first date after you introduced us, and we are very happy together.  I introduced him to my son after six months and the two of them get on very well together. So far, So So Good!. Thanks to you and Rhoda for introducing us. My life has definitely taken a turn for the better since I heard you being interviewed on Radio Ulster and decided to get in contact. It took me ages to decide to come on board but I can honestly say it was one of my best decisions and investments ever! To all those other men out there that would love to love and be loved, I am telling them not to hesitate to contact Claire & Rhoda in Soirée Society."

JL, female age 52



"I do tell a lot of people about you, as I think you offer a great service."

GC,  female age 50


"Believe it or not, it was my wife who actually read your article in the Newspaper and she said when I am gone, you get in touch with those ladies as I know they will look after you. So here I am, missing the companionship and love of a good woman and placing my trust in you to find me an equally lovely lady who cares about me. I enjoyed meeting you both and cannot believe you have got me a match within weeks of joining."

CS, male age 73

"With my job I would not do online dating as it is so public. I never knew about matchmaking but this is such a good way to meet my potential husband!"

DA, female age 27



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